Turn an Existing Friendship with Guy into a Relationship

Do you want to turn existing friendship with guy into a relationship. Do you have one guy in your life that you have known since grade school? Maybe you have a new guy friend that you met through a group/friends but have never really hung out one-on-one but you have a huge crush on this guy? If you are looking to try to turn this friendship into a relationship, you would need to feel him out first. Perhaps this guy you know is in a committed relationship when you initially met. Check if he is now available. Maybe you gave off a “vibe” initially that might have indicated you weren’t interested.


how to turn a friendship into a relationship


No matter what put you in-to the “just friends” category, you can always change your role:

Turn friendship into a relationship

  1. Spend more time together.

    This seems pretty self-explanatory but nonetheless, you might not be spending lot of time together. Spending more time together that can be the first step to turning this friendship into relationship. Ask him to come do something fun with you, have fun with him. Invite him to a holiday party.

  2. Ask him questions .

    Give him the chance so that he can share more about himself. Don’t ask him too many questions like, “What do you do at your job?” Instead, ask him questions things like,“What is your favorite outdo or activity?” or “What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?” Here we have a list of Questions to ask a guy and get him talking to you on a different level.

  3. Make physical gestures.

    Make attempts to be physically close with him. Do not jump on him when he sits down to play some game at your friend’s house. First, try touching his hand in a flirty way. Flirty Questions to ask a guy. If he responds positively, this gives you the green light to proceed.

  4. Make romantic gestures.

    Find ways to in-corporate romantic things into your relationship like Freaky Questions To Ask A Guy. Do things that are normally consider reserved for couples. This could be anything from making a meal together or attending his company party with him, buying him a present for his birthday. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it will make him feel more connected to you

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